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2009-04-02 10:51:52 by fimanimation

Just thought I'd do an update on some of the stuff I'm doing animationwise at the moment.

For starters, I just found out that I will be taking my final 2 graphics exams the week after next when I get back from the easter break ;P I should really get my act together and buy a sketchbook haha. If my animation for these exams are half decent I might upload them here, who knows.

Also, about a week ago the controversy surrounding sirtom93 led me and a group of other animators to make a light hearted collab about the subject. It was sort of overshadowed by the 'people republic of china' april fools joke on newgrounds that day, but it still did fairly well and got the 9th highest score of the day.

Check it out further down my profile or with this handy link, my part is last in the movie but obviously it is the best there by far :P

The Pretender Collab is still waiting on a couple of parts, and has now been in the pipeline for over a year haha! My peice has already been done for a long time but I'll let you guys know when the whole thing finally gets submitted. Hopefully it will be some time soon(ish).

Other than that, I'm alright. Have only got a couple of weeks left of college before I am officially an adult :c hopefully I'll find a job doing something I enjoy or maybe not! Anyway I'm still alive and keeping busy so it's all good. I'm currently thinking of making my first music video about frogs and dubstep hahaha. so you will probably hear from me abit later, safe inabit distinctive gangstash
maa haa mwaa


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