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Pre Christmas Update

2009-11-14 10:47:21 by fimanimation

Not posted anything since June so here we go.

Firstly, if you have been following my posts you will know that I'm always going on about my part in the "Pretender Collab", my part has been finished for months and months, plus the collab itself has been on the go for well over a year now. Well not anymore, because I've been in contact with FlashFrog and it seems that the collab is dead. Finito. You will never get to see my part :) or the collab for that matter. At least it's nice to have some closure on it.

I am now a working man, having dabbled in catering for a few weeks at my old job, I've now landed a Sales Assistant job in Manchester Piccadily Station which is kinda neat. It's a good place to work, it has it's good and bad points, but overall I'm just happy to be off the dole and earning some wedge. However I have noticed that it is absolutely impossible to work on any animations, work full time, and still maintain a healthy social life. I'm guessing I could do any 2 out of those 3, but all 3 is neigh impossible :P

On that note, I am very excited about my upcoming animation. I am serious when I say it's gona be the best animation I've ever put up on newgrounds.

I'm undecided on a title but I'm hoping to finish/ submit within the next couple of weeks.

I am very fortunate to have the voice acting talent of ForNoReason and VoiceGirl with me on this animation. So hey there you go, semi proffeshional eh? At the moment I have all the voice parts, most of the backgrounds & characters and am just slogging through the painful process of lip sincing. That's all for the moment.

Watch this space!!


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