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Renaissance update

2012-10-26 10:35:11 by fimanimation

I just flicked onto my profile and realised that my last post was in 2009 ! Which is just silly really..

I'll just quickly state now, that I'm going to up my work rate tenfold this autumn, and hopefully get myself an inter-ship / work experience / some sort of job in the animation field, that is the plan. I've had abit of a moment of clarity about what I want to do with my life career-wise, and have drawn up a rough plan for how I want things to go in the next few years -

Year 1) Build a respectable portfolio / showreel to show animation studios.
Year 2) Get some sort of work in a animation studio based in my home town (Manchester)
Year 3) Take the skills I learned from animating at home and in the studio and move to London (where most of the animation companies in the UK are based) and become a supremely qualified and bad-ass animator, and spend my working career making something that will last instead of slogging through with the bar work / 9 - 5 / unskilled and truly lame jobs!
Year 4) ???
Year 5) Profit.

But anyway, in more recent news, I've put 2 animations out already this month. Which you can view hhhhhere,

I've also been steaming ahead with an animation for Halloween, which I only had the idea for a few days ago so I've given myself a very tight time frame to work with considering Halloween is only 5 days away. If I do get it done by then, then I will have managed to churn out 3 animations in 1 months which is an unreal work rate compared to my usual 1 every year :)

I'm feeling a lot more focused, am trying all the time to improve and learn more about my animating, and seem to have so much more drive now that I know where I want to be. (Sorry for sounding cheesy here). But yeh! I will try and keep this page updated with any relevant advancements or news.

Take it easy. Peace x


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