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2012-11-21 20:08:03 by fimanimation

Hello there my little flock,

I just felt like doing a quick update to acknowledge the unholy amount of flash animation I've put up here during the past 2 months, usually this sort of work rate doesn't get produced for years.

I thought I'd quickly recap my most recent movies, give a little background insight into what it was like making them, and some constructive analysis on what I could improve about them. Because you'd love to read that wouldn't you! Yes.. But feel free to contribute anything if you want.

October 1st 'Adam & Suzy -
This was the first animation I'd put out in about a year, and it was a pretty bog standard, simple frame by frame story from a technical aspect. I did each scene without knowing where it was going which was lots of fun. It did get a bit weird towards the end, but I think it came out pretty much how I wanted. One problem I did have with it, was when it was exported the sound mp3 got a bit mangled and sped up, I'm still unsure as to whether that was a problem with my pc, the software, flash or whatever. I don't think it detracts too much from the animation though.

October 22nd 'Excelerator 12 Blade'
I can't stress how long this has been in the pipeline. I think I started it sometime in 2012, and I thought that if I was planning on upping my work rate I may as well spend some time polishing off something that was pretty much done already. I love the sound clip, the scenes themselves were pretty straightforward. And if you like that sort of comedy check out the new season of Peep Show on Sunday.

October 31st 'Johnson lonesome skeleton'
This was easily the project that required the most work, I managed to force myself to get from storyboard, development, and completion in just over a week, and it did annoy me that it didn't get more views than it did. But I learnt a lot doing it, there are a few key scenes in there that I am very proud of, and my only regret is not having the sound to work with until very late in the process so I couldn't sync it up fluidly with the animation. But hey. As i said, I learnt a lot doing this, and impressed myself with the fact that if I work hard I can produce animation of this standard.

November 13th 'Arrows of Fury
A quick remake of an animation I made a while back. I was reading a guide on flash backgrounds at the time and I wanted to mess around with lighting my characters. It's a quick fun little short.

November 20th 'Geta Loader Skyrim'
Something a little different, it was an idea I came up with a few months ago, and I decided to animate it with I influences from spongebob squarepants ie. exaggerating certain shots, over expressing postures and facial expression, this was also the first time I edited the music to one of my animations which I will definitely be doing again!

Sooooo there you go!

As I keep muttering to myself in a demented fashion, I'm trying to keep my work rate high, I'm trying to do 3 animations a month, and improving on my style and skills all the time. I got a couple of ideas for Hanukkah and Christmas in the pipeline, so keep it locked in :)


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